Long-Term Online Relationships: Plenty Of Fish Review

Dating has never been as easy, accessible, and fun as it is today! There is a large number of different great dating online sites for people worldwide to use. Most quality websites offer different sets of unique features for those who are trying to find their love.

This Plenty Of Fish review focuses on the unique sets of features offered by this amazing dating platform. Plenty of Fish, or POF, is one of the largest, most influential, and reputable dating platforms worldwide. It is popular in most countries where awesome online dating is a thing.

Keep reading this review of PlentyOfFish.com to learn more about its features, subscription types and their costs, and other invaluable details.

What Is PlentyOfFish.com?

So, exactly, what is Plenty Of Fish? It’s one of the biggest dating websites out there. POF owners claim it’s the largest platform with the most frequent conversations. Every POF feature is built in a way to ensure the easiest connections. POF almost literally triggers people to start chatting as soon as possible.

The owners of the dating site reveal that the site experiences a billion messages every month! PlentyofFish has some of the most active and eager-to-talk members. Moreover, the users of the website are friendly and attractive.

This dating site has zero restrictions on the type of relationships people establish. If you want to have fun and hook up with an attractive woman nearby, go for it! If you are successful, have a career, and overall satisfied with your life, and want to fall in love, go for it! And is Plenty of Fish safe? Yes, as long as you don’t share sensitive data with users.

The good thing is that Plenty Of Fish reviews found on the website are positive. It’s rare to find a platform that has high rankings and mostly positive reviews. If you want to start dating online, POF may be a great pick.

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Benefits And Drawbacks


  • A huge user base with more than two million visits a day!
  • A beautifully designed mobile app with all native functions of the original dating website.
  • An intuitive interface that guarantees a positive experience to all amazing users.
  • A well-structured website that makes it easier to navigate through the menu and website’s features.
  • The matchmaking is based on a great-quality personality test.
  • Auto matchmaking requires only data from the user. The data includes personal preferences.
  • Active search through extensive and advanced search filters.


  • The site is popular and thus, attracts people who create fake profiles.

Plenty Of Fish History And Peculiarities

The CEO of Plenty of Fish Media Inc, Markus Frind, managed to launch the app four years after his graduation from the British Columbia Institute of Technology! Plenty of Fish was launched back in 2003, and in 2004 it already became a success. It gained popularity because of the simplicity and high quality of matches.

The website used to be as simple for some years. However, times change, and so does POF. Today, it’s one of the largest platforms used by people who value their time and want to fall in love online. Amazing POF users get what they want thanks to precise matchmaking and fun premium features.

Desktop And Mobile Versions: Interface And User Experience

POF’s interface used to be simple and plain. However, the company invested in the redesign, and today, POF looks marvelous! The web design is up-to-date, and it’s easy to navigate through the menu. The interface is intuitive ad enables easy access to features even if the person isn’t used to utilizing dating apps.

Note: POF puts messaging first and foremost, prioritizing your private inbox and a list of amazing POF members the system believes are more likely to respond to your messages. Turning on the Will Respond function is an awesome way to distinguish members who most likely match your personality.

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Registration: How Easy It Is To Sign Up?

Most Plenty Of Fish dating site reviews claim it’s possible to create an account by simply logging in to a Facebook (or is it Meta?) account. Or users can opt for creating a profile from scratch. Overall, the registration process is simple and takes up to two minutes. The most critical part is creating a detailed profile. However, users are allowed to skip this part for now to check awesome POF profiles.

Profiles And Their Owners

So, is Plenty Of Fish good in terms of profile quality? Yes, the quality of profiles is set to be on a high level. What does it mean? It means this online platform has an in-built profile section where users have to answer a lot of questions about their preferences. For instance, what men or women do you like and find attractive? What nationalities do you prefer to date? What hobbies do you have? Other similar questions are used to collect data so that the system can create your profile and offer matchmaking options.

Once you create an account by clicking the Plenty Of Fish log in button, you get access to seeing all profiles. Moreover, users can use the awesome search function to see if they can find matches on POF. Overall, the quality of the profiles is amazing. It’s one of the things that makes PlentyOfFish one of the best dating apps within the online dating industry.

Plenty of Fish features

Plenty Of Fish Features

Now let’s check how does Plenty Of Fish work in terms of features. The thing that makes Plenty of Fish so popular and loved is the list of features. POF has tons of useful and unique features. Check out this list:

  • Chemistry predictor. It enables narrowing down matches to the best ones.
  • Top prospects. Offers a compatibility list from top to low priorities.
  • Ultramatch. It’s another feature that enables the highest level of compatibility.
  • Nearby. It helps users to meet the best matches nearby.
  • Meet me. It enables easy search of hook-ups.
  • An automated decision-making and profiling. The algorithm is set to analyze huge amounts of data to come up with the best matches based on logic.
  • Super yes. This feature increases the chances of finding a match since it tells whether the user is likely to be into you.
  • Send a priority message. Switching on this feature attaches your message to another user’s mailbox. They see it immediately when logging in!

POF even launched a pandemic-based feature called “self-care resources.” The feature is free to use, and it gives access to thousands of medically approved materials that help with anxiety and other covid-related issues.

Search And Matchmaking: Effectiveness Of Plenty Of Fish

The Plenty Of Fish dating site has free basic matchmaking and a search engine. However, users with upgraded profiles get more match-related features. For example, your chances of meeting a perfect match are higher if you use compatibility tests. Moreover, such an awesome feature as Super yes can tell if the person you like may like you back.

Overall, the matchmaking system is some of the best ones ever made! Users with paid subscriptions have better chances of finding “the one,” but even a free profile can do wonders!

Communication on Plenty Of Fish

Communication on Plenty of Fish is one of the best benefits: it’s free for everyone! Yes, upgrading your account gives you more chances to find a match, but free chatting is a wonderful bonus.

Plenty Of Fish Alternatives

Even though POF is awesome, some people like to use alternatives to get additional dating matches. Here is the list of wonderful alternatives to consider:

  • Alovoa.
  • Badoo.
  • Bumble.
  • Feeld.
  • Match.com.
  • OkCupid.
  • Tinder.

The list is based on the fact that, just like Plenty of Fish, these awesome platforms have free features.

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Subscription Costs

Check out this section to figure out what features are free. Overall, the Plenty of Fish platform is on the affordable side of the spectrum. Note: it’s possible to use Plenty of Fish free of charge.

Free Subscription Features

Creating an account and messaging are free features! Plenty of Fish may be one of those rare gems enabling free communication for everyone. Users can choose to use the website free of charge, or they can buy a very affordable subscription.

Paid Subscription Features

Plenty of Fish owners claim that the site’s activity has a simple explanation: messaging is free of charge. Yes, once you go through a Plenty Of Fish sign up procedure, you can chat with anyone you find attractive. However, the website still has some awesome bonuses and perks that come with buying a subscription.

It is possible to use the site free of charge, but most users prefer paying since those bonuses are amazing. Moreover, the cost of using the website is affordable. Upgraded accounts get access to a list of the newest and hottest members of the Plenty of Fish community!

Another interesting premium feature is unlocking an extended profile of awesome POF users. In simple words, you get an insight into another awesome member’s personality! An affordable subscription guarantees access to other wonderful perks. Keep reading to learn more about POF’s prices.

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The Average Cost Of Dating On Plenty Of Fish

Good news for all amazing people who want to test online dating: POF costs start at $19.99 per month! It’s one of the most affordable subscriptions out there, given all the perks and bonuses wonderful users receive. Match.com charges over $40 per month, and it’s not as advanced as POF!

The Premium plan enables users to check if they have sent someone a message before. It happens a lot when someone spends a lot of time on the app. So, it’s a rather useful function. You also get notifications when a user reads your message.

Moreover, Plenty of Fish also features a profile boost that costs around $2. The boost makes your profile visible, thus, increasing your chances of finding a mate.


Is Plenty Of Fish Legit?

Yes, and most PlentyOfFish.com reviews spotted on the web agree on this fact too. The website has a long history of matching people. Plenty of Fish owners have almost 20 years of experience, and it has a positive impact on the quality of services offered by the platforms. Typically, the ratings of PlentyofFish are high, and the reviews are positive. The app is also affordable and fun to use. 

Who Uses Plenty Of Fish?

Everyone uses the website according to this PlentyOfFish.com review! POF is a welcoming virtual hub for amazing people from all over the world. It has a precise matchmaking system which attracts a lot of attention and causes praise. Whether you want to fall in love or have an amazing one-night stand with a handsome guy or a beautiful girl, you will get what you ask for!

Is Plenty Of Fish Anonymous?

In terms of browsing through profiles, yes. Awesome POF members can check anyone's profile without them knowing. However, bank statements make your purchases visible. Suppose you buy a monthly subscription. Your credit card statements reveal that you spend money on POF. So, if you have a partner, it's best to use discreet services like AshleyMadison or Adult Friend Finder that also have emergency buttons. 

How to Delete a Plenty Of Fish Account?

The review of Plenty Of Fish shows that amazing members of the community can either hide or delete their profiles. In the first case, these wonderful people can return when they feel like dating online. In the second case, they would have to create a profile from scratch. Check profile settings to use the first or the second option. 

Does the Plenty Of Fish Website Moderate User Profiles?

Yes, the truth about Plenty Of Fish is that the company that owns the dating platform wants to provide safety to all users. Mental safety is health is also a priority. So, the company spends time and effort to ensure a positive user experience by moderating user activity. If someone bothers a user, they can report them by using a corresponding feature. Moreover, support team members are always there to help.