Anal Hookup Sites & Tips on Anal Intercourse

Many women have wonderful erotic fantasies and dream of enjoying anal sex. Some have already gone one step further and have found out while masturbating that stimulating the anus during masturbation is very awesome. Women perceive orgasm as more pleasant when the anus is stimulated. That shows that most women are into it. The whole thing just has to be done gently and carefully. Thus, when you think of a hookup anal date, you should treat women in a tender and relaxing way.

It makes a difference whether you stroke the anus, stick your finger in it or use a small anal plug, or whether a male penis pops the anus. Once you have done it, you will want to do it again and again because the orgasm is perceived as much nicer and more intense.

Finding Anal Hookups

If you do not have a girlfriend yet, you can search directly for women who are into anal intercourse. Some beautiful women wish to find a partner to enjoy an anal hookup date. By finding such hot girls anal intercourse, you obtain some new pleasuring experience. It does not matter with anal dating whether you already have experience in this wonderful area or not. It does not matter to women whether a man has already enjoyed it or not. Both sides can receive great pleasure from anal hookup sex.

With a proper online anal hookup, women can also be addressed directly about their preferences, and you should take advantage of this opportunity. At online anal hookup websites, you can search for people according to preferences in intimate relationships.

Reviews of the Best Anal Hookup Sites

On the internet, you can find various anal hook stories with the help of adult websites. Online dating is one of the greatest chances of finding anal sex. Here you may specifically search for anal dating contacts and talk openly about your preferences. As always, online anal hookup dating has the advantage of being able to discuss wishes and inclinations in a much more direct and open manner. You may explicitly try to find beautiful women who are into anal bangs. Today you can find out before the first date whether anal is possible.

Even in the nice swingers club, you may be lucky enough to find someone to have anal sex stories with. You may agree on everything with a woman in advance or just check preferences in profiles. In general, however, it is quite possible to get a chance when visiting a swinger club. With couples, however, there are greater chances than if you visit the club as a single man.


AdultFriendFinder main page

If you want to have the best anal hookup, you should consider this place. The AdultFriendFinder is a great option for people to find matches from all over the world. The site has been around for several decades and has one of the largest user bases in the online dating world. Even though there are concerns about the authenticity of many profiles, it continues to be the primary driver for people interested in short-term connections or relationships.

AdultFriendFinder comes with a hookup dating platform that aims to connect people who want to satisfy personal desires. Users are free to find other members and get in touch if they are interested. The chances of a successful date are increased through several avenues like a full profile, but the site also provides many paid features that may help improve ranking in search results.

Members can market themselves by joining discussion forums, anal chat rooms creating blogs, writing posts and groups, etc. It is even possible to write down an individual’s sexual adventures and vlog them. Many of the site’s features are free, but the paid options may help increase the success rate.


  • Many ways to discover and chat with other members;
  • Ability to express sexuality in multiple ways such as profiles and blogs;
  • You can find like-minded users to spend a wonderful time together.


  • Membership does not come with benefits such as model videos and academic courses.


FuckBook main page

Among the best anal sites, Fuckbook is quite a popular decision. It has a graphic variation of Facebook but also functional. This hookup dating platform is positioned as Facebook, where users get to know each other to have sex. Once registered, it is possible to take advantage of a graphic load reminiscent of the reference social network.

Fuckbook is equipped with a multitude of interactive and multimedia tools, offering the possibility of enjoying a pleasant experience. This dating hookup portal allows you to find new hot encounters. This platform integrates videos and photos offered by Internet users. Another essential point of the platform is the possibility of interacting with the webcams of the members, depending on your mood. Besides, you should know that there are a lot of modes of communication with other Internet users: public chat, internal messaging, or even private rooms.


  • The registration process for this site is quick and easy to use;
  • This dating platform works with all sexual orientations;
  • It has a well-functioning smartphone app.


  • Users must upgrade their accounts to view and reply to messages sent by other users.


Tinder main page

Tinder has a reputation as a wonderful platform for casual dating and no-obligation relationships. This dating platform provides revolutionary swipe technology: if you like a photo, you swipe it with your finger to the right, if not to the left. This allows you to find someone who matches your preferences in Tinder hookup anal.

The application searches for potential candidates nearby using the user’s geolocation data. However, in the settings, you may choose a distance of 100 miles, as well as change your current location, which makes it possible to meet someone from another part of the world. This makes Tinder anal dating possibilities great.

Tinder is a unique dating service, and it is still improving to bring new features to its users. The registration can be performed via Facebook account, which increases the chances of meeting the right person. Second, in Tinder, you start communicating with a wonderful person when having mutual interest. On the one hand, it makes the hookup process a bit complicated, but on the other hand, it eliminates boring users and the same content.

Since Tinder is a world-famous platform, people of different nationalities are registered here. Whether you are looking for an Asian beauty or an exotic Taiwanese beauty, there are always people you can connect with, regardless of their ethnicity. It increases Tinder anal sex variety of international relationships.


  • Compatible with other popular apps like Spotify, Snapchat, and others;
  • It has a multitude of members across the whole world;
  • Possibility to find people according to a specific filter in your area.


  • The suggestions are based only on pictures, which makes the platform quite superficial.


XFlirt main page

While reviewing the best local anal websites, you may encounter XFlirt. It is a wonderful adult dating site with a nice design and ease of use. It offers the same basic features as the general dating sites of the moment. You are entitled to the “accounting recommendations” function, to contact proposals, to the inbox, and to classic profile editing tools. The only feature that is worth it is the one that lets you see who has visited your user profile.

Regarding the profile picture, users select wonderful photos according to their preferences. Members are encouraged to showcase them as it increases the chances to meet the right person. The concept of linking the site depends on the parameters you have indicated on your profile.

When registering, you indicate preferences in intimate relationships, the beauty of appearance, character traits. Moreover, you mention the character traits of the person with whom you want to have a good time. It is thanks to the information that the platform may direct you to a list of members that it considers compatible with you. In other words, you receive recommendations of potential partners, as there are high chances that you will like them.


  • It guarantees its users total protection of their anonymity;
  • Nice and convenient website design;
  • The sign-up process is simple and fast.


  • To cancel your subscription to the site, you must contact customer service by email, phone, or regular mail.


Wyylde main page

If you want to get into swinging or have a good time with someone on an occasional or regular basis, Wyylde is the platform on which you must register. Over the years, it has built a good reputation. It also may belong to free anal hookup sites, as some features do not require payments.

On Wyylde, you will find people who are just like you and fully embrace their sexual preferences. All this to tell you that Wyylde will be a home for you in which you will feel at home. When you register on the site, you will just have to specify whether you are transsexual, transgender, homosexual, or bisexual. There is almost no limit on the site. To find profiles that match your needs, a few hours of navigation are enough.

Each member has their personal space. It is on this page that members receive announcements as well as dating offers. Like on popular social networks, at the left of the platform, you have the list of people online. You will be notified of everyone who has visited your profile. At any time, you may activate the webcam chat button to make the exchanges much livelier and increase the chances of free hookup anal online.


  • It has plenty of different payment methods;
  • You can participate in events organized by the service;
  • Possibility to meet members who also like anal sex.


  • Not all features are available free of charge.

Agreeing on Anal Hook Up Sex With a Partner

If you already have a wonderful partner, then the first step to anal sex has already been taken. Then you build up reliable relationships to agree on wonderful anal sex. In the beginning, you should respect the preferences of your nice partner. Talking directly about such intimacy can end positively, depending on how open-minded a person is.

  • You may pamper women anally again and again while you lick or use fingers. The licking pussy extensive is to go with the asshole up close and personal the perfect opportunity. Caress the woman’s anus and gently stick a finger lightly into the butt hole.
  • If women react positively or tell you it is awesome, then push it in further than you would finger a pussy, or use a small dildo to help. Of course, always use a lubricant to deliver even better pleasure and satisfaction.
  • If women like oral sex in combination with buttocks, then you can insert an anal plug or a small dildo in love play and spoil your partner with it anal. If you like that too, then you have won nicely.

Preparing for First Anal Intercourse

If your wife or partner has anal intercourse for the first time, you need to be very careful. First, stretch the hole and tease the anus with your fingers or an anal dildo.

With the anal dildo, you may wonderfully stretch the anus and prepare the woman for wonderful anal sex. Do you have the stamina for two rounds of wonderful sex? Then use the first round for vaginal intercourse and finger her buttocks to bring ultimate pleasure. Women will like that while the anus will be is pre-stretched. In the second round, you can enjoy anal and stimulate the pussy with your fingers.

If you penetrate the anus, you have to be very careful and gentle. Especially the first time, it is important to only make very slow movements. The more tender you are during anal sex, the hotter your girlfriend will be in the future.