Sugar Daddy & Sugar Baby Relationships: Jerkmate Review

Webcams are extremely popular nowadays. Guys and girls can show some amazing explicit content while getting additional payments. Users of such awesome sites can pay to view explicit photos or videos of models they like.

It’s a win-win situation for both parties involved. The good news is that there are webcam websites for every taste, flavor, and budget! Some sites feature professional models, and other platforms allow ordinary beautiful people to post their content.

One thing is clear: the pool of webcam choices is large. You can choose a platform with gorgeous cis women and men. Or you can opt for transgender models. Jerkmate is one of the biggest webcam sites in the cam industry.

This Jerkmate review focuses on all the details about the webcam platform. It reveals all features, prices, models, etc. Check out this comprehensive and detailed review if you want to use the site.

What Is Jerkmate?

So, what is It’s one of the biggest, most popular, and reputable cam sites in the industry. It features some of the most beautiful and attractive models. Users who pay to watch models can chat with them and even have private video meetups.

Typically, men use webcam sites to make their dreams come true. Beautiful women use Jerkmate as a source of getting profit. It’s a very straightforward website where you get what you want for money.

The beauty of Jerkmate is in its amazing pool of models. You can use advanced filters to find the most beautiful, sexy, and gorgeous models of most genders. The webcam is welcoming to models of all genders and sexual orientations so that users of the site have a wider variety of awesome choices.

Jerkmate main page

Benefits And Drawbacks


  • The site offers the best erotic adventures online.
  • One of the biggest catalogs of gorgeous and sexy models.
  • Easy to use, thanks to an intuitive interface.
  • Beautiful web design.
  • The site is well-structured, with search filters and neat categories for easy navigation.
  • It’s a virtual space that has some of the most beautiful women.
  • The reviews on the web are mostly positive.
  • The webcam site has a “schedules” function. You can check a model’s schedule to see when this beautiful woman is streaming.
  • An adjustable website design enables users to use any device: a PC, tablet, or smartphone of any size.
  • Easy-to-understand spending. Jerkmate has an amazing payment system where 1 Gold (currency on the site) equals 1 dollar. So, if a model charges $3 per minute, then you pay 3 Gold. It’s easier than paying, for example, $120 dollars for 200 credits since you can’t track exactly how much dollars you spend.


  • It has the desktop version only.

Jerkmate History And Peculiarities

The website was created back in 2017, and it quickly became a success. Unlike dating sites, Jerkmate offers to view explicit content of professional models. Some of the most beautiful models host live streams where you can hop in and enjoy some awesome views.

The website features explicit adult content, so you might want to avoid using Jerkmate in public. The name of the site hints that you can find a perfect model, or a companion, to masturbate.

Desktop And Mobile Versions: Interface And User Experience

The website is available on any device. The website doesn’t have an app, but it has an adjustable web design. If you open Jerkmate on the mobile browser, it will adjust to your screen. So, it’s also possible to enjoy amazing content on the phone.

However, most users prefer tablets or PCs. Overall, most Jerkmate reviews describe a positive experience. People claim in reviews that the website is well-structured and it’s easy to navigate. Members can use advanced filters to find gorgeous models. Every model has a description of what she is willing to do on camera. All profiles show how much it costs to view exclusive erotic materials.

Jerkmate sex categories

How Does Jerkmate Work?

The review shows that you have to create an account if you are a guy and want to check out some awesome ladies. Gorgeous women who want to work as cam models on this awesome website have to verify their identities to ensure the safety of all other users.

Regular users have to go through a registration procedure by clicking on the Jerkmate log in button. Then they have to verify their emails. Once you have an account, you can check out all those amazing profiles of gorgeous women.

Users with accounts have a few amazing opportunities to check the awesome content and sexy, attractive models. Getting access to more explicit content requires payment. However, you can use filters and check profiles of gorgeous models to see whether you like the models on Jerkmate.

Once you have verified your email address and logged in to your account, add details about your preferences. The website has a simple matchmaking system that offers you gorgeous models based on your preferences.

Men and women who want to view content can choose from several main options:

  • single models (as in one model);
  • pairs or couples (two and more models);
  • men, women, or transgender people.

Once you select your preferences, you get access to the main page. Users will find additional search filters on the main page. You can choose the race, ethnicity, age, gender, and other peculiarities of a model. Then click “search,” and you will see profiles of gorgeous women with beautiful photos.

Click on a profile of a beautiful model you like, and you will see her photos and streaming schedule. You will find other data like how much she charges, what she can do online, etc. Choose one or several gorgeous models and follow them to see the content that they post. The website allows users to view short previews of videos free of charge, so you can choose a model you like.

Registration: How Easy It Is To Sign Up?

The registration procedure is a piece of cake. Click on the Jerkmate sign up button, and then choose the option “create a new account.” The system asks only basic details, and you may choose a nickname instead of a real name. It takes just a few minutes to set up an account.

Jerkmate recommended

Jerkmate Features

So, the truth about Jerkmate is that it’s a webcam site. It has pretty straightforward features that enable users to find perfect webcam models according to their tastes and preferences. However, it’s possible to highlight a few special features of this cam site:

  • Advanced search filters. Users may choose from several categories like ethnicity, race, BBW, BDSM, etc. They also may specify the body type, special things they want to explore, etc. Thanks to such awesome filters on the Jerkmate dating site, it’s a lot easier to find the best models.
  • Detailed profiles. Users immediately understand the cost and things a model is willing to do by just looking at a specific profile. A beautiful woman may focus on BDSM content, or she is into fetishes, etc.

These simple yet effective features enable Jerkmate users to find what they want. This review of proves that it’s easy to find the desired content thanks to detailed filters.

Effectiveness Of Jerkmate

So, is Jerkmate good in terms of effectiveness? Yes, the website has great search filters enabling users to encounter gorgeous models who meet their tastes and preferences. Moreover, the website has an affordable price so that everyone can be satisfied!

Communication On Jerkmate

Jerkmate has three main communication methods:

  • through online hat when a beautiful model is live streaming;
  • in a private chat with a model for extra charge;
  • through a web camera for an extra charge.

A free subscription allows you to see short ten-second videos of every gorgeous model on the site. You get a glimpse of what to expect from a model. Moreover, every attractive model states what she can do on camera. So, choose a model and enjoy hot and great-quality content!

Jerkmate Alternatives

Some users love it when they have a wider pool of amazing options. That’s why they prefer to use other webcam sites. You may consider a few of the following alternatives to Jerkmate:

  • Chaturbate.
  • Live Jasmin.
  • StripChat.
  • ImLive.
  • MyFreeCams.

The list is based on the quality of profiles. All these mentioned webcam platforms offer some of the most beautiful and attractive models. The range of options on each site is remarkable. MyFreeCams also has a few free features so that users can enjoy some amateur yet awesome content.

Jerkmate app

Subscription Costs

The website features a separate currency on the platform, which is called Gold. One dollar equals one gold coin. Beautiful women charge clients in Gold, so it’s easy to tell how much you pay. Moreover, Jerkmate offers free access to specific features to show what to expect. For instance, free previews. A preview is a 10-second video featuring hot content and beautiful models.

The best thing about Jerkmate is its straightforward payment type. Every beautiful woman on the platform sets her price per view. It’s shown in Gold. Since one gold coin equals one dollar, you know how much you pay. It’s easier to control your payment habits on Jerkmate.

Is Jerkmate Safe? Protection Measures

This review of Jerkmate proves that the website is safe. All beautiful models are professionals, and they know what they are doing. All these gorgeous ladies go through a verification process and have to earn a reputation. Moreover, the website has a protected Internet connection thanks to an SSL certificate. The website also has an in-built antivirus program to ensure the safety of all files on the platform.

Jerkmate Support Team

The support team on the website is efficient and professional. All team members are polite and willing to help users. Most Jerkmate dating site reviews from the Internet are positive, and they claim that the support team is helpful. Team members respond quickly to website clients.


Is Jerkmate Legit?

Yes, the website is completely safe to use. It's legit and offers a great quality of services. You know what you pay for since every model sets a clear price. For instance, a model may charge 1 Gold per minute of the private lifestream. You may talk with the model, ask her to do something, etc. Or you may pay to get access to her explicit materials, such as photos or videos.

Who Uses Jerkmate?

Jerkmate is a perfect option for users who want something better and more exciting than porn. It offers sexual liberation as you may get access to content you like and prefer. Yes, you pay for the adult content, but you know how much you pay. Typically, men use the website if they want virtual sex or if they feel horny and want to add some spice. 

Is Jerkmate Anonymous?

Yes, the website won't ask for your ID verification. You may create an account and use a nickname instead of a real name. You may even opt to choose a picture instead of a real photo. However, if you choose an option to have a web call, a model may see you unless you opt for a mode with a camera off. Beautiful women who work as cam models have to go through a verification procedure. 

How to Delete a Jerkmate Account?

It's an easy procedure. Click on the profile icon, and choose "settings." Then find a corresponding function and remove the account. The website doesn't save user data. If you ever decide to create an account on Jerkmate, you would have to go through a registration procedure again. 

Does Jerkmate Website Moderate User Profiles?

Moderators often check chats to prevent harassment or cyberbullying. However, Jerkmate isn't a dating website, so they don't check other people's profiles. So, you may use any nickname or photo as long as it meets the website policy. You may check the Policy and Terms of Use on the official website.