iHookUp Dating Site – Review of Adult Matching Platform

Various dating sites aim to satisfy the different needs of internet users. Some people want to spend time in sexual relationships. Thus, the online dating industry has platforms for swingers, casual relationships, sex affairs, and other kinds of intimacy. iHookUp belongs to this category of websites. It welcomes everyone who wants to spend time with someone of same-sex interests. If you want to know whether to use it, you can check this iHookUp.com review. It contains everything you need to know about the adult dating website with the most important points. Moreover, with the FAQ section, you can review additional information on the service.

What Is iHookUp.com?

iHookUp is a state-of-the-art dating site that serves to cater to your needs. It’s one of the best places to find casual or romantic hookup partners. The best thing about iHookUp is that it gives you such a unique experience that fills your heart with limitless joy. You can easily find a beautiful woman who will give you the sexual pleasure that will lift your soul or find the man you’ve always fantasized about. On iHookUp, you are in control, and there are millions of registered members from which you can select.

As a site that prides itself on realistic and authentic connection, the photos on iHookUp are mostly uncensored, so not for the faint of heart. When you visit the site’s homepage, you will find out that there are plenty of members from different parts of the world. In addition to matching, the platform for erotic adventures on iHookUp also offers many interaction options such as videos, images, chats, and advertising markets. In order to use all the website features, all you need to do is upgrade your membership. If you want to receive additional information, an FAQ section answers the most important questions. iHookUp’s FAQ page contains plenty of helpful answers and guides, especially for newly registered members or curious online users. For professional assistance to solve different issues, there is helpful customer support.

iHookUp main page

iHookUp Usability

At first glance at iHookUp.com, you will discover that the site has a nice matching platform. It also has a simple and convenient website design. All the features of iHookUp can be easily found and used without difficulties. If you prefer to use adult dating sites with your smartphone, there will not be difficulties with this one.

To give their customers the best experience, the iHookUp team has developed an app for Android and iOS devices, which you can get from the Play Market and App Store. If you want to save memory space on the device, there is a mobile web version of iHookUp, which allows you to access the app features via the web. It has all the same features, which are in working order. In various iHookUp dating site reviews, such versatility of use is a great benefit as you can develop sex relationships conveniently.

Is iHookUp Worth It?

A lot of internet users have the same question while they review some dating services. It is important to understand personal preferences in order to know what kind of adult dating site to use. Speaking about iHookUp.com, you can find here wonderful casual and sex relationships with lovely website members. In terms of your money and getting the best experience online, iHookUp is a sure bet. There’s a huge success rate percentage for people who have registered on the site.

To get to know the website better, you can review its strong and weak sides.


  • IHookUp allows members to enjoy videos in high quality;
  • This adult dating site has plenty of wonderful members from different parts of the world;
  • In profile, you can indicate what kind of adult relationships you want to meet on iHookUp;
  • The customer support department is always ready to help;
  • Its mobile application is fast and efficient and also compatible with modern smartphones.


  • You may receive some unwanted ads;
  • iHookUp does not have 24/7 live support chat;
  • To use all website features on iHookUp.com, you need to upgrade your membership.

iHookUp live chat

How Does iHookUp.com Work?

A lot of internet users want to know how iHookUp works. In fact, it is a very commonly used adult dating site. Even internet newbies will easily adjust to this matching platform. In the beginning, you attempt the straightforward registration process. After several minutes, you are free to start using the platform. The next time you simply use the iHookUp log in option.

Every user has a personal page. In the profile section, you get to tell more about yourself to attract other nice users. At iHookUp, you also may indicate your sexual preferences and what kind of intimacy you want to find. By uploading some nice photos, you have more chances to be reviewed by others.

Then begins the searching stage. With the help of website features, you encounter the person you like. With the help of communication tools, you get to know each other better. The search tab gives you the best results so you can connect with your match and discuss what kind of offline date you both want to have. Thus, iHookUp.com serves as a nice place to meet like-minded people and to spend a wonderful time together.

Sign Up

To become a member of iHookUp, you will not spend much time. In the beginning, you must indicate your sex and age. Then you select what type of relationships or online activity you want to achieve here.

Some of the exciting iHookUp features you can look forward to are:

  • Casual encounters. This category aims to connect people who simply want to have intimacy with a nice person without any emotional string attached;
  • Friends with benefits. It is a long-standing relationship between people who become friends to enjoy intimacy with each other from time to time. This is particularly good for people who want to have fun without total commitment;
  • Discreet romance. Those who are already in relationships and want to spend some time with great satisfaction with another person. Discreet romance on iHookUp gives married people the chance to have fun on the side;
  • Dating. Standard relationships that are full of love, romantic and intimacy;
  • Online fun. Online communication and interaction also bring intimate satisfaction with its benefits;
  • Activity partners. A lot of people have interests and hobbies. It is much more exciting to spend free time with like-minded people. This creates a community where you can easily mix with people who share similar interests with you.

iHookUp create account

Is iHookUp Safe?

When singles develop relationships online, safety is a very important question. In various iHookUp.com reviews, you may find information on its safety measure. In general, they are nice but could be better. As only users with better memberships can send messages, you can be sure of not receiving spam. iHookUp also has a verification process that makes the site a safer place. You can rest assured that the majority of the profiles on the site belong to genuine and authentic people worldwide.

Moreover, you may enjoy iHookUp anonymously. During the registration process, you indicate your nickname. In profile, you may upload photos without revealing your face. Anonymous registration gives you the opportunity to test the site and also enjoy the features without giving away any personal information.

Search & Profile Quality

To enjoy online adult relationships, you need to meet someone you like. That is what search features of iHookUp offer. With the help of the free of a charge search tool, you can find users who match your preferences. Search filters provide a vast range of options to find and review the personal pages of others. Alternatively, you can always browse and review profiles of active members offered by the website. The search tab also makes it easier to connect with the people in your vicinity. There are times where you are on vacation or away from home. The search button helps you find registered members who are in your area and are open to having fun.

The quality of personal pages also plays an important role in meeting a wonderful person. Most dating websites care about keeping them at high quality. The same goes for iHookUp. When you review pages of its members, you will be able to learn more about a person’s preferences in adult dating. Nice photos represent the appearance traits, which are also important in proper relationships.

iHookUp search

Prices & Plans

Most online dating services have paid and free tools. The iHookUp adult dating website belongs to them. There are plenty of free features, which become available after registration. If you want to communicate with other nice members freely, you will need a subscription plan. There are several of them. By getting the longest one, you receive a lower price per month. Paid features are essential to your experience on the site. These additional features make dating experiences fun and immersive.

Help & Support

At iHookUp.com, you can always rely on friendly service representatives. By filling in a request form, you can let them know what kind of issue you have. Their reply comes as soon as possible. You can also receive help by reviewing the FAQ page. It has plenty of guides, instruction, and answers to common questions.


By checking this review of adult dating sites, you may decide whether to use iHookUp.com or not. It has plenty of wonderful features and members for a fair price. As the registration is completely free, you may always join it to do a personal review.

iHookUp girl profile


Is iHookUp.com a Legit Dating Site?

In order to get to know the truth about the iHookUp legal side, you may always review the Terms of Use and About Us pages. They contain information on the company that operates the iHookUp adult dating site. By reviewing such information, get to know the service better. Moreover, you may review the company’s physical address if you need to get in touch with it.

Is iHookUp Good for Different Types of Online Relationships?

The main goal of iHookUp.com is to connect people who want to have wonderful sexual relationships. There are several types of relationships that members of this wonderful place want to achieve. This place is suitable for friends with benefits, two nightstand relationships, simple hookup, just sex affairs, etc. Depending on what kind of adult relationships you want to obtain, iHookUp.com is always ready to help.

Is It Difficult to Start Using iHookUp.com?

Everyone who is interested in adult and casual relationships are welcomed at iHookUp.com. To start using it, you need to join it in the first place. Then, as a newcomer, you are free to start communicating with other members. To find them, there is a search tool, which is available free of charge. Additionally, you may review profiles of active users.

Using iHookUp.com is quite easy and straightforward once you follow all the instructions given in this review.

Does iHookUp.com Have Plenty of Members?

If you do a personal review of iHookUp, you will find plenty of wonderful active members. Their exact number is always different, as every day there are new users. By using a free search tool, you may get to know the number of marvelous members available in a specific city or place.

Is iHookUp.com Any Good for Offline Dating?

This dating platform aims to connect people who want to spend a wonderful time together offline. Thus, with the help of communication features, you can set a date and spend it the way you want. When you find a match on the site, you can set up a date in a public place to ensure your safety.