Lesbian Online Dating: HER Review

Online dating is fun and enjoyable for people worldwide. The good news is that today, queer people also have a great opportunity to start dating online. There are multiple great and quality apps to use. Check the Her review to learn more about one of such amazing online dating platforms.

What Is HER?

So, what is weareher.com? As you may have already guessed, it’s a popular dating app that caters to the interests of beautiful queer ladies. The app provides awesome members of the LGBTQ+ community with a virtual space where they can date safely.

Wonderful members of the community don’t have to worry about being hated or judged by straight people. The app is truly a haven for the LGBTQ+ community. The current review of weareher.com proves that the app creates a very positive first impression. The platform works seamlessly, and it is well-structured. Keep reading the review to learn more about features and prices on the website.

HER main page

Benefits And Drawbacks


  • Easy to create an account and manage the profile.
  • Her offers quick matchmaking based on location, preferences, and the distance it takes to meet each other. This feature is awesome if you want to meet the person offline immediately.
  • The majority of Her population is real. Moreover, most members are extremely attractive and beautiful.
  • Affordability of the premium version.
  • Precise and accurate matchmaking.
  • Detailed and high-quality profiles.
  • A beautiful webdesign.
  • The app is available and easy to download and install.
  • Intuitive interface that enables ease of use when having an app or checking the website.


  • The dating site requires members to sign up by linking their Facebook or Instagram accounts. Some members claim in Her reviews that it’s an advantage since the registration procedure takes seconds.

HER History And Peculiarities

According to weareher.com reviews, it’s one of the most effective apps for beautiful lesbians and queer women. It was launched in 2013, and it quickly became a success. Its CEO Robyn Exton has worked well on turning the app into one of the world’s largest dating websites for attractive queer ladies.

Today, it has over four million awesome members in more than fifty countries. Beautiful ladies prefer this dating website due to its intuitive interface, improved safety, and precise matchmaking. The site enables wonderful users to detect other awesome members nearby. The system will even tell how many miles (or kilometers) it takes to travel to meet that person!

HER blog

Desktop And Mobile Versions: Interface And User Experience

The interesting thing about the platform is that it has a mobile version but no web version. However, you can check out their amazing landing page. It has vibrant colors, easy to navigate, and tells the story of creating the platform. It also reveals the goal of the creation of the app: to help beautiful queer women find partners easily.

The app has an intuitive and beautiful design. Thanks to a well-structured app design, it’s easy to navigate the platform. It has everything categorized, and it doesn’t overwhelm the user. The current review of Her proves that the usage of the app guarantees a positive user experience when seeking partners.

How Does HER Work?

The working principle of Her dating site is simple. Members create profiles. While they fill out the profile, they reveal such data as their sexual preferences, the type of women they like, etc.

The matchmaking system analyzes the received data and offers a personalized feed of options for each user. You will notice that as soon as you fill out your profile, the app starts offering profiles of people you find attractive.

The app requests your geolocation, but only to offer profiles of people nearby. The success of the app is based on detailed profiles and the ability to match people close to each other. However, the app isn’t too detailed to avoid getting people bored.

Registration: How Easy It Is To Sign Up?

So, is Her good based on how easy it is to create a profile? Yes, the website offers the simplest way to create an account: by using Facebook or Instagram accounts. Most members love it when it takes a few seconds to create an account and start seeking beautiful women nearby.

Click on the Her sign up button and choose one of the signing-up options. The best thing is that you don’t have to memorize another password or use an already existing account. Once you create a new profile, you can proceed using the site by checking profiles of beautiful women nearby.

In the future, click on the Her log in button to log in and keep using the dating app.


Profiles And Their Owners

The current weareher.com review proves that the quality of profiles is on a decent level. It’s easy to create and edit your profile. Overall, the developers of the website added a ton of details for users to mention. With such a detailed application, it’s possible to meet a perfect partner.

When viewing profiles in the search or the feed, it shows such data as members’ names, sexual orientation, approximate distance to each member, and their location. Wonderful members can make quick decisions based on this data and contact any attractive member.

Users can upload up to six photos on Her. Amazing Her members are visible to anyone using the dating platform. Moreover, anyone can view each other’s profiles. Typically, people who actively seek partners on Her complete their profiles. However, some profiles may be empty. The good news is that you see compatible matches in your feed.

HER Features

Most Her dating site reviews claim that the app has simple yet effective features. Awesome members can chat with each other, swipe right or left, check the feed, etc. They can use search and matchmaking and meet attractive people in person.

However, Her has a few unique features that are worth mentioning. Check the following list:

  • Feed. It’s a similar feature to the social media feed. When on Facebook or Instagram, users see news or posts they might be interested in and want to read. The feed on her works similarly and is based on your preferences. Instead of news, you can check out profiles of people you might find attractive.
  • Meet. It’s basically the ultimate matchmaking of the platform. If you click on “meet,” you get a list of people who meet your age, sexual, and other preferences. The feature requires swiping right or left based on your desire. If you mutually like each other, the system creates a chat.
  • Events. This function features lesbian events nearby.

These simple yet effective functions make it easier to find a mate.

HER features

HER Alternatives

Using other reliable and convenient websites to fall in love opens you to more opportunities. You may use Her in combination with other dating platforms. Thus, you get access to a wider dating pool with wonderful options. Check out a few amazing alternatives to consider in the following list:

  • PinkCupid.
  • OkCupid.
  • eHarmony.
  • LesbianPersonals.

PinkCupid and LesbianPersonals cater to beautiful lesbians who want to find compatible and wonderful partners. OkCupid is one of the most popular websites that cater to the LGBTQ+ community. Awesome users can choose from at least a dozen of sexual orientations and a few gender options.

eHarmony caters to people who want to meet life partners. It’s a platform with one of the biggest audiences. It’s best known for its precise and accurate matchmaking. eHarmony also has options for wonderful LGBTQ+ daters.

Subscription Costs

Now let’s see what subscription types this amazing website offer to users. So, the truth about Her is that it features two versions: free and premium. Keep reading to learn about the perks of each type of subscription.

Free Subscription Features

Great news for potential new members: the free version of the HER dating platform is fully functional and enables users to chat with other awesome members of the Her community. You have no limits on how much you can chat with a specific attractive member.

However, it seems that Her gives you 25 chances to talk to members a day. For instance, you meet 25 awesome individuals during a day, and then a 26th person messages you. In this case, you can respond the next day.

Paid Subscription Features

The premium version unlocks all perks and bonuses. This Her review found that the platform features only one premium subscription. However, the website used to have Gold and Platinum memberships in the past.

Luckily, this online dating platform has made changes for the best. Today, there is just one premium subscription with reasonable costs. One month of using the Her dating platform costs $14.99. Check detailed prices in the table below.

Subscription period Cost per month Total
1 month 14.99 USD / Month 14.99 USD
6 months 10.00 USD / Month 59.99 USD
12 months 7.50 USD / Month 89.99 USD

The premium subscription is affordable and offers many great bonuses. You get a positive experience without ads, get unlimited message chances, tons of swipes, advanced filters and matching features, and even an incognito mode.

The Average Cost Of Dating On HER

Check the convenient table above for more details. Typically, new amazing members prefer buying one month when they use the dating app for the first time. So, it costs $14.99. If a beautiful new member likes the website, she buys for six months, so add $59.99 to $14.99. The average cost of using Her is $74.98 in total for seven months.

Her app

Is HER Safe? Protection Measures

The app has standard yet effective safety measures. The SSL protection ensures all payments are safe. The system won’t record any data that goes through the app. Moreover, the platform has an antivirus system to ensure all files are safe. The platform also has effective anti-hack software. The servers always work well, so users can expect a positive experience when dating online.

HER Support Team

Users can contact the support team by using a quick chat option. Typically, it takes a few hours to get a response. The app uses chatbots that quickly answer simple questions. If the problem is complex, you can expect a real human to answer within the first 24 hours. This approach ensures that all users get help.


Is HER Legit?

Yes, it's a real dating website launched back in 2013. The company that owns the dating platform is reliable and has a good reputation. But is Her good in terms of other factors? Yes, it is. The website has an affordable subscription plan and allows you to use it free of charge. Profiles are detailed, and the dating app is well-structured.

Who Uses HER?

The website caters to the interests of queer women. It means the website's audience is rather extended. If you are a lesbian, this site is a great pick. However, it's also welcoming for other people from the LGBTQ+ community, for example, transgender women who, like other women, are welcomed on the platform. Bisexual ladies can also use the website.

Is HER Anonymous?

The website used to have an incognito mode, so no one knows you are viewing their profile. However, today the app doesn't track visits anymore. You can safely view others on the platform. The app purchases are visible in your bank account statements.

How to Delete a HER Account?

Go to settings and choose a corresponding option. Note: if you decide to use the app again, you will have to upload photos and complete the profile from scratch. The app doesn't keep your data because of the SSL protection.

Does HER Website Moderate User Profiles?

Yes, the support team keeps an eye on member activity on the platform. Wonderful members of the community feel safe and protected due to the work of support. You can report anyone who bullies or harasses you, and the support team will block them. Naturally, you must attach screens with proof that the member is breaking the rules.