What Is Flirt.com? – Complete Review

Various dating services have different ways to provide services to users. In various Flirt dating site reviews, you can find out that this place knows how to talk to women. With its modern appearance, Flirt offers a comfortable and particularly pleasant experience. It offers a fresh look at the meeting and reverses the roles by giving women all the power. In the window, men who want to meet the right person and who will have to use their charms to conquer the one they like. Flirt.com has a community of very open and easily accessible girls, which makes it a success.

Flirt.com is the perfect site for people who are trying to test the waters when it comes to online dating. The site offers newbies the best platform to Flirt and hopefully find a soul mate or a hookup.

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Flirt Usability

Are you cool, a bit offbeat, and looking for love? If you are also between 18 and 35, Flirt.com is undoubtedly the dating site for you. This site, which presents itself as a supermarket of love, plays on humor to offer its members a unique experience. The concept of Flirt.com is simple: empower women by presenting men to them as products on the shelves of an online store. They are free to put the “product” in their basket, then to finalize the purchase. Men must therefore seduce and convince these wonderful women.

Unlike other regular dating sites, Flirt.com makes it easier for women to be in charge. Women in Flirt.com enjoy an immersive experience that allows them to choose and feel wanted at the same time. Therefore, any man who registers on the site must be on his A game to find a woman whose interests would match his.

On the Flirt dating site, no personality test, just a profile to fill out with a wealth of information, ranging from eye color to culinary tastes, including measurements, education, and of course, the type of relationship desired.

Just like in a supermarket, on the Flirt dating site, you can find and review everything you are looking for on the Flirt.com shelves. Members make their choices based on the information they can review in profiles. Finding love is, therefore, possible with a well-informed profile.

On Flirt.com, only women can take the first step; men can only make sure to grab their attention. For this, they use charms. A charm is a notification sent by a man to a woman to let her know that she likes her profile. The number of charms a man can send each day is limited from 10 to 20 per day, depending on the subscription chosen. For their part, women can follow the charm or not. If they do not like the men trying to get their attention, or if they want to get a broader view of the guys on the site, they can use the search engine.

The subtle implication of this is that men have to set up their profiles in such a way that women will be attracted to them. A well-set-up profile has a greater chance of being chosen by the women on Flirt.com. A good profile consists of clear pictures, well-defined principles, and accurate information.

Is Flirt Worth it?


  • The Flirt.com website design is easy to navigate without difficulties;
  • A quick and simplified registration by the many fields with pre-filled answers
  • An ergonomic mobile application.
  • Women are given a chance to make a move, as against the norm on many dating sites.
  • The site’s customer service is top-notch. They respond quickly to complaints from registered members.


  • Some Flirt.com features require spending money on a subscription plan;
  • Men have difficulties in making the first step in conversations.

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How Does Flirt.com Work?

Once registered at Flirt, you arrive on your interface, on which you must fill in the various fields of your profile. Some criteria are fulfilled in a small bar at the top of the screen, which scrolls through the questions. For the fields to be written, go to your profile and complete all the information. As you complete your profile, hashtags are added to define you. On a woman’s profile, the left column is devoted to an available local user section and a suggestions section, which both show 8 to 10 photos of men.

The top menu gives access to the messaging, the list of people who have visited your profile, the search engine and displays popularity points as well as notifications. For women, it is possible to access the list of men who sent a charm. For men, it is possible to see which women put them in their basket.

When women review a man’s profile, she can give him marks. They also can get to know his location, which is displayed for the women to see how far he lives. Finally, a four thumbnails display allows reviewing the potential rivals. On the side of the action, it is possible to add the profile to the list, send a message, or suggest it to a friend. The search tab on Flirt.com is an additional bonus. The site’s matching algorithm is one of the best online, which means that you will be able to see many potential matches.

Sign Up

Signing up on Flirt.com is free and only takes a few minutes. What undoubtedly requires the most time is to fill in the many fields intended to describe oneself: lifestyle, physique, food, hobbies, etc. To make this step more fun, the fields are available. Fill in using checkboxes from pre-recorded answers. Only a few fields require you to write your answers, this is the description, favorite books, films, series, and music, in short, information that cannot be selected from a predefined list.

The basic information required of you to sign up is used to make your experience on the website more unique. By giving out that information, the site can easily match you with men whose preferences match yours. Also, when you use the search button, your information makes it easier for you to see men who would like you in return.

Is Flirt Safe?

To respond to security concerns, Flirt.com has always tried to be one step ahead. Since Flirt is an online platform used to set up or trigger meetings in real life, rules of caution have been published by the team (do not share personal data, meet in a public place, notify a relative). The respect of these different rules ensures the safety of the members of Flirt.com so that the meetings always take place in the most suitable conditions.

Well-trusted software services protect financial transactions on Flirt.com from reputable organizations. Your credit card information is safe and will not be shared with any third-party.

Search & Profile Quality

Flirt.com has a wide variety of profiles, which offers many possibilities for a meeting. It is mainly aimed at a clientele aged 18 to 35. It allows you to find and review plenty of young and middle-aged adults. To meet them, there is a free search tool. It has plenty of filters, which you may adjust to find and review the most suitable candidate. Simple browsing is also a convenient option to review profiles of beautiful members offered by the service.

Working with complete profiles, which have varied characteristics, is a real asset: the more complete the profile, the more you will be able to judge your ability to live with the person in the long term, which is not detailed if you are looking for the rare pearl. It is, therefore, an ideal site for meeting people with similar tastes to yours.

Flirt prides itself in the requirements needed to set up a profile when it comes to profile quality. Clear pictures are strongly encouraged, making it easier to see what your potential Flirt looks like.

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Prices & Plans

Registration on Flirt.com is free, but like on many dating sites, it is essential to subscribe to a premium plan to have access to the most interesting features. On Flirt.com, the subscription provides access to the following features:

  • Unlimited chat;
  • Large photos;
  • Information “I’m looking for” on the profiles consulted;
  • Extended searches;
  • Premium support;
  • Sending photos and videos in the chat.

You can get several convenient options:

  • 1 month $28.80;
  • 3 months $48.60;

These offers are payable by credit card in one go. Note that an offer is available in mobile payment. At the end of the period, the subscription is automatically renewed for the same duration and at the same price. The three-day trial offer, on the other hand, automatically turns into a monthly offer. Once you become a registered member on Flirt, it is possible to subscribe to “extras”, which allow you to enjoy additional functions.

Help & Support

A help section is very easily accessible on Flirt.com. A well-detailed FAQ answers the most common questions. If you cannot find the answer you expect, you can contact responsive customer service by email.

Flirt.com reviews the personal pages of its users to improve the safety of the dating site. A moderation team verifies all profiles within 48 hours of registration. The rules are strict, whether it concerns the photos submitted or written. To maintain the integrity of the site, it is possible to send a message to customer service to denounce a suspicious profile so that the profile can be seen by the moderation team.

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Flirt.com is a cool site that makes virtual dating more fun than many of its competitors. If the concept of the supermarket of love may be bothersome, the site is well constructed, to say the least, so that everyone can find the right person after reviewing the personal page. Therefore, finding love is perfectly possible as long as you fill in your profile and use the search criteria well. You will appreciate the seriousness of the moderation team.


Is Flirt.com Legit Dating Site?

The truth about Flirt is that it is an actual dating site. It has real people as members with their profiles. You are free to communicate and date them. You can also review the Terms of Use page of Flirt to get to know more about the legal side of this platform.

May Anyone Review My Profile?

Flirt is a dating site where users review personal pages to get to know the person better. Thus, by making it nice, you have more chances to get wonderful relationships.

Is Flirt Good to Develop Different Types of Online Relationships?

From this Flirt.com review, you could find out that this place is suitable for different kinds of relationships. It helps users to find love and receive pleasure from fast and sex affairs. To enjoy the preferable type of relationships, you simply meet like-minded website members.

Does Flirt.com Have a Mobile Application?

If you prefer to enjoy online dating conveniently, Flirt.com has a mobile application. You may download it free of charge from the Play Market or App Store to your smartphones. Its mobile web version is also available from mobile browsers.

How Does Flirt Work?

In case you are a newcomer, you will not have difficulties using this nice adult dating site. After registration, you just use the Flirt log in option. Then you try to encounter a wonderful person who matches your preferences. With the help of communication features, you will find it easy to develop relationships online.

Does Flirt.com Have Plenty of Members?

As it exists for many years and the registration process is free of charge, Flirt.com has collected plenty of users. There are members from different parts of the world.