Fetish Websites – Find Out If They Are Popular

In modern society, it is easier to enjoy fetish hookup and even to fully and freely experience one’s sexuality. There are more and more places and services where fetish is welcomed. However, the prejudices and the gaze of people commonly hold back a good part from not practicing their fetishes. For these fetishes, they are in a relationship or married but are not fully satisfied sexually with their partners.

Many experts recommend fetishes to communicate and share obsessions with partners. This sharing can have a very beneficial effect on the sex life of couples. Here is the list of popular fetishes:

  • Foot;
  • Heels;
  • Pantyhose;
  • Hands;
  • Latex;
  • Bondage;
  • BDSM;
  • Socks;
  • Piercing;
  • Tattoos.

It is indeed possible to have a fetishist meeting on the internet. Fetish dating sites specializing in fetishism have specialized to facilitate hookups between fetishists. If you are something of a fetish and looking for a fetish partner, hookup a fetish online is probably what you need.

Fetish bdsm

Which Fetish Dating Website to Choose?

Nowadays, there are a large number of sites for hookup fetishes. However, only a few are sufficiently effective and trustworthy. Before choosing a fetish hookup website, it helps to check reviews on the internet. Thus, you can know their strong and weak sides.

Why to Use High-Quality Fetish Hookup Sites?

Dating fetishists is much easier with the help of online services. Finding a wonderful and reliable partner who practices fetishism can sometimes take a long time, even when working with libertine clubs. The best fetish hookup sites help to save precious time. At high-quality platforms, you have better chances to hook up a wonderful real person to spend an amazing time together.

The operation of these nice sites is the same as for any “traditional” dating site. Registration is free, and there are tens of thousands of members throughout the world. The principle derives its originality from the fact that the sites are aimed at fetishists, whatever the object of their fantasies.

How to Behave On a Fetish Website?

Be yourself. The advantage of the best fetish hookup platforms is to be able to present and display yourself as you are without a filter and without anyone judging you or pointing fingers at you. Thus, fetish hookup websites are so popular. You will not have to hide or lie about your true wants and needs. You just have to behave as you are and respecting the fetishists of the websites.

Reviews of Best Fetish Sites


AdultFriendFinder main page

One of the best foot fetish websites with plenty of experience is AdultFriendFinder. With its global dimension, this service connects the various fetishists from different places of the world. Therefore, AdultFriendFinder is available in 11 popular languages. Easy to access and free in its basic formula AdultFriendFinder has acquired the reputation of being a powerful catalyst for the realization of fetish hookups of all kinds.

Besides, AdultFriendFinder has a relatively simple and elegant interface, saving on frills. Registered members know that on AdultFriendFinder, advanced features and services are accessible by subscription. Finally, remember that AdultFriendFinder is available in both a PC version and an application for Android or iPhone.


  • It has a great variety of popular payment methods;
  • Possibility to hookup fetishists from all over the world;
  • Users enjoy hookup service in various languages.


  • Some features you receive with buying a subscription plan.


Placelibertine main page

With a glamorous design, finesse communication, and a touch of provocation in advertising spots, Placelibertine.com has become, in less than nine years, the benchmark of the best local fetish websites. It has collected plenty of users in various parts of the world, especially in Europe.

Since the fantasies are multiple and the pleasures innumerable, Placelibertines.com opens the field of possibilities. Therefore, you can register as a couple or alone. It also offers wonderful options of choosing between the real hookups or rather virtual, thanks to the webcam and the live show. Moreover, you can discover and savor the wealth of pleasures:

  • 2 + 2 separate;
  • Dominated/Dominant;
  • Swinging;
  • Exhibitionism;
  • Voyeurism;
  • Fetishism;
  • Male plurality;
  • Sex-Friend;
  • Private parties;
  • Threesome;
  • Photo exchange.

First, nothing could be simpler than entering the platform since registration is free and will only take you a few minutes. You are therefore allowed to enter the square and consult the multitude of files without spending a single cent. Choose your username and password, and enter your email address.


  • It represents the complete social network for making fetish hookups;
  • Members enjoy live shows with interaction possibilities;
  • The website welcomes every internet user.


  • Some features are available only to premium members.


XFlirt main page

On the internet, you can find various fetish services. In case you prefer longstanding websites, you should consider XFlirt. This fetish dating site exists for many years in the industry and helps fetishists to satisfy sexual fantasies. The registration process is very simple and fast. After a couple of minutes, newcomers start reviewing profiles to hookup like-minded people free of charge.

XFlirt intends to be accessible everywhere to meet the expectations of its community. With a user interface with clean graphics, XFlirt is very easy to use. Everyone can use it due to a convenient and easy-to-use interface. Website is available on:

  • PC;
  • Android;
  • iOS;
  • Other tablets and smartphones.

With XFlirt, your profile can be constantly updated and is not required to start exchanges with other members. Photos, videos, physical descriptions, and sharing of your fantasies and favorites can be added as you visit the site. However, a well-rounded profile gives other partners more confidence to write to you.


  • Simple and easy to use user interface;
  • This fetish place cares about the privacy of personal pages;
  • Users can easily get assistance from the customer support department.


  • The website could have more payment methods.


Alt.com main page

From the very beginning, you understand what to expect from this dating site. Alt.com is focused on the fetish category of users, including foot fetish hook ups. Its design is dark with hot and sexy images. The user interface is simple. Every internet user can easily accomplish registration and start enjoying fetish hookup.

Profiles play here an important role. Members indicate all the necessary information about sexual fantasies and fetishes they have. Then, with the help of a search tool, it is simple to encounter like-minded people online.

  • Among communication features users enjoy:
  • Chatting;
  • Live video communication;
  • Exchanging photos.

Alt.com is not just a place to hookup fetish users. It also offers services to relax online. It has plenty of cam models, which perform striptease and other nude shows. Members can interact to make the cam show even more exciting.


  • The customer support department always ready to help;
  • A multitude of various fetish features and services;
  • The website has numerous users in various countries around the world.


  • To use all the website features, you need to upgrade your membership.


AshleyMadison main page

The site AshleyMadison imposes its vision of the world and allows meetings offering couples a naughty getaway to spice up their sex life. It allows registration completely independent from social networks. The site advises creating an email reserved exclusively for registration on dating and hookup services.

For photos, the site allows, for those who wish, to blur the face or hide the gaze. It is also possible to make the photos private to reveal them only to the targeted users.

AshleyMadison also offers the option of scheduling meetings while traveling. It is then possible to make contact with people residing in the city that you will soon be visiting during a tourist or business trip.

One of the reasons why there are so many members is that for women, everything is free. This increases the number of female members, which also attracts men to join the service to satisfy personal fetish fantasies.


  • Service that cares of privacy and personal data protection;
  • Website is available in every country of the world;
  • High-quality profiles of users.


  • Some features are available only after spending money.

Mobile Apps for Fetish Hookups


FetLife main page

FetLife is a community of real people who are interested in BDSM. On your first visit, you will see a nice Facebook timeline that will give you some updates from your network. To enjoy an online fetish hookup, you click Explore to get videos and pictures of different people. You can click on any of the images without having a paid membership. You can follow other people just as you can add friends.

FetLife has members all over the world, and people are constantly adding events “near you”. You do not have to live in the United States to get to events nearby. All active profiles contain a lot of information. By checking your timeline, you will get all the updates from them, including comments from other users.

One of the main advantages is that this service is available on various smartphone types. To join FetLife, you pass mobile verification what ensures that you are a real person. That is why the mobile app has so many active and wonderful members.


  • It has a large audience across the world;
  • Users communicate in a safe and protected environment;
  • The customer support department is helpful and friendly.


  • The design is a bit outdated.


Whiplr main page

Whiplr is essentially an app-based adult dating platform that caters to people looking for casual sex and online fetish hookup. Its niche is for those who enjoy fetish dating.

The hookup fetish site heavily encourages kinky stuff, including extreme sex fetishes and BDSM tastes. This is the reason why the site continually attracts many users. You will not be surprised that the site has millions of members from different parts of the world.  The site has gained popularity because of its looks and mentions in various posts.

Among free fetish hookup sites, Whiplr has a straightforward signup process. Since the site focuses on those who are in casual and short-term arrangements, there is not a lot of information required by the site during registration. Whiplr is generally available as an app compatible with Android and iOS systems.


  • The support team takes care of users 24/7 and ready to help with questions and issues;
  • Safe to use thanks to its secure connection system;
  • Simple and fast sign-in process.


  • The site is only accessible in the United States.


KinkD main page

Thanks to KinkD, fetishists have at their disposal an original way to spice up their sex life and hookup new people. The concept of this app is to save you from boring relationships. It thus helps to realize the most incredible fetishistic fantasies of the users. It is a popular place among other foot fetish dating sites.

With KinkD, everyone can have fun, in their way, ranging from domination to bondage, including submission or sadomasochism. Launched in the UK, this app works identically to Tinder. The user sees the profiles scroll through the photos posted.

Besides, this application pays particular attention to the confidentiality of profiles. Indeed, it only asks users to take a test to verify the photos posted. Users can also chat confidentially.


  • This app helps to hookup local fetishists;
  • Fetishist application is available on the App Store and Google Play;
  • Simple and easy-to-use user interface.


  • It lacks nude photos.

To Sum Up

On the internet, it is possible to find plenty of fetish hook up places. To enjoy meeting like-minded people, it is recommended to try services without spending money. After that, you can decide whether to keep up with a hookup site. Just remember that it is possible to satisfy sex fantasies by finding the right person online.