Fun Online Dating: Bumble Review

Online dating is fun and exciting since you get to chat with people from different countries. Attractive and beautiful users flirt, make friends, and fall in love. However, most good-quality dating services have some peculiarities. For example, eHarmony is centered around long-lasting romantic relationships. Tinder is all about physical attraction. At the same time, Bumble is a place where beautiful women make the first step!

It’s common for handsome men to court beautiful women. Typically, men make the first step, start flirting, ask for a phone number, etc. But Bumble gives such an amazing opportunity to gorgeous women.

Many women would love to have the courage and ask someone out. However, most societies leave this task to men, so we all are used to women waiting for men to ask them out. On Bumble, everyone expects beautiful ladies to make the first contact!

Keep reading this detailed and valuable Bumble review if you are considering starting using this awesome dating platform. The review explores all website features, cost of subscription, profile quality, what type of people use the website, etc.

What Is Bumble?

So, what is It is a dating website (with a mobile app). It’s Like Tinder,, eHarmony, or other dating platforms. Its work principle is similar to the ones of these sites: men and women create accounts, fill questionnaires, add photos, meet people, etc.

All online dating services differ from each other, and an amazing Bumble website also has some peculiarities. One of the main interesting features of the site is that beautiful female users have to make the first step!

That’s right! Bumble reviews report that men have to wait till beautiful women contact them. It’s an interesting feature since it enables women to be more confident. Moreover, men also love this function since they enjoy it when for once, they aren’t the ones to ask someone out. Other functions of the website are rather traditional. It offers precise matchmaking based on your preferences and tastes. Active members of this awesome community may also use the network to make useful connections. It is almost like good-quality social media, but with a more romantic emphasis.

Bumble main page

Benefits And Drawbacks

Check out the benefits and drawbacks of the app to learn more about Bumble. Overall, the website has a lot of advantages.


  • Emphasis on women’s safety and empowerment. The fact that beautiful women take the first step also takes off the burden from men’s shoulders, so they love the app, too.
  • Easy to use. Check the feed and swipe right on a profile you like. This simple action lets a person know that you like them.
  • Unique features, such as only women can contact men for the first time. Other fun functions include Beeline (list of people who like you), the Hive (to like other people’s profiles), etc.
  • Lots of fun boosts. They require a paid subscription, but these features are truly awesome.
  • It offers several modes, such as Dating, BFF (to find friends), and Biz (to make business connections).
  • Data protection through SSL and other safety means.


  • Match expiration within 24 hours. It could be a benefit since it makes people think faster and be more confident.

Bumble History And Peculiarities

Bumble is a successful online dating giant that stands nearby other successful companies that own Match, Tinder, etc. The dating platform was launched in 2014, so the company has a lot of experience matching people.

The website has an amazing design and an intuitive interface. It features a beautiful landing page that redirects you to the dating network once you click on the Bumble sign up button.

Two founders of the website are Whitney Wolfe Herd and Andrey Andreev. Andrey Andreev has another rather successful website called Badoo. It is mainly popular in Europe. Whitney Wolfe Herd also had a lot of experience prior to creating the amazing Bumble platform. She was one of the cofounders of Tinder.

Both Wolfe Herd and Andreev thought it would be a fun and good idea to create a female-oriented app, given the situation in the online dating market. Other dating apps and websites don’t pay much attention to harassment online, while Bumble fixed the issue.

The website is a success. Men and women love the site for different reasons. Men find it sexy and hot when attractive women contact them. Beautiful women enjoy Bumble since they have control over who contacts them.

Bumble is slightly different from other online services in a good way. It is similar to social networks since users get the feed with profiles of people they might like. The system fills the feed based on the user’s tastes. You can like profiles of people the system believes are compatible. If you’re a woman, you can also contact the person you like directly from the feed.

Bumble get started

Yes, men can also make hints. If a guy likes a lady’s profile, he can like her profile. It’s easy, click on the “heart” emoji, and a beautiful lady will get a notification.

Let’s compare Bumble to other websites to figure out what’s so peculiar and interesting. The Mamba site is all about offering a bigger limit of free messages. Bumble is more clear about limits: contact anyone if you are a woman. However, users must have paid subscriptions.

Tinder enables communication when two users “match.” For example, if both swipe right, the system creates a separate chat where they can communicate. Match enables any contacts as long as users are subscribed.

So, it looks like the Bumble dating site stands out. It has an interesting and exciting concept. Men and women enjoy it since it’s unusual in a positive way. Moreover, Bumble enables easy communication and usage. It’s like a very user-friendly social network.

Desktop And Mobile Versions: Interface And User Experience

The website is awesome in terms of the web design and interface. Both the desktop and mobile versions are beautifully designed. The platform is overall well-structured; this enables easy navigation. Typically, Bumble dating site reviews are positive and praise the design.

Registration: How Easy It Is To Sign Up?

Signing up is as easy as swiping to get a match! Click on the Bumble log in button, and create a new account. The system asks for basic data, and you also have to provide an active email. Once registered, users can browse through beautiful profiles on the platform. Get accurate matches and feed by using the option to fill the profile.

Profiles And Their Owners

People with serious intentions in mind use this platform. Wonderful users of the website are friendly and eager to communicate. The dating option enables women to make the first step so they feel safer. Profiles are well-balanced with just enough information to avoid overwhelming. Overall, the website features some of the most beautiful women and handsome men from various countries.

Bumble dating for everyone

Bumble Features

Now that you know how does Bumble work, check its features. This review has spotted several interesting and fun features. Other features are similar to social media functions. So, these are some of the most prominent options:

  • Backtrack: if you want to rewind a match.
  • Extend time on current matches: get more than 24 hours to decide.
  • Unlimited swipes.
  • One Spotlight per week: enables awesome Bumble users to attract attention and find a match. Renews weekly.
  • Five SuperSwipes per week: this function renews weekly.

These functions are just the tip of the iceberg, and it gets much better! Users with Premium profiles get access to unlimited filters, travel mode, infinite Beeline, and an Incognito Mode!

Note: you can seek men and women online in peace. Your privacy is protected, and you can view other people’s profiles, but they won’t know that.

Bumble Alternatives

If you want to use similar websites additionally, check these alternatives:

  • eHarmony.
  • Zoosk.
  • Christian Mingle.
  • Elite Singles.
  • Higher Bond.
  • Match.

The list is based on the fact that all these websites offer meaningful relationships and good connections.

Subscription Costs

Check out what free and paid features amazing users get when using this dating platform. Note: the app is more affordable than other dating sites.

Bumble why

Free Subscription Features

The current review of Bumble verifies that there are several free features to benefit from, and these are:

  • free registration;
  • search;
  • matchmaking;
  • backtrack;
  • swipes (limited).

Other features require having a subscription. The good news is that the site allows you to get the feel of a platform. If you like using it, keep using the app by buying a subscription.

Paid Subscription Features

Paid subscription features the following options:

  • access to Beeline;
  • unlimited swipes;
  • access to Hive;
  • the ability to extend the time of matches;
  • messaging;
  • using boosts.

The best thing about this website is its affordability — more on that further in the article.

The Average Cost Of Dating On Bumble

The review of proves that the platform has some of the most affordable prices. Prices start at $7.99 a week. The simplest subscription already gives access to boosts, so awesome users can fall in love with the right people sooner.

Moreover, a monthly subscription is even more affordable! It costs $14.99 for one month! The best deal is the subscription, with a cost of $47.99 half a year. So, is Bumble good in terms of prices? Yes, it’s on the affordable side.

Is Bumble Safe?

Yes, visitors can enjoy safe browsing through the website due to an SSL certificate. It disables scammers from stealing your data when you make purchases on the website.

Other protection measures include using anti hacker software to protect any data users share. Moreover, an antivirus ensures files users upload are not infected.

Bumble FAQ

Bumble Support Team

The support team is always there to help. Read other people’s reviews to find proof. The support team members respond quickly, so every user gets enough attention. The website has a quick chat feature where amazing community members can type their questions. If the question is easy, the chatbot will answer within a few hours. You may wait a bit longer for the response of a human employee. Typically, it takes around 24 hours maximum to get an answer.


Is Bumble Legit?

Yes, Bumble has a good reputation and is used by millions of awesome people from all corners of the world. Bumble is a safe haven for women and an awesome opportunity for men. It's probably the only reliable website that allows women to make the first step. So, Bumble is a unique website with awesome features, an intuitive interface, and reasonable prices. 

Who Uses Bumble?

The dating website is welcoming to people of all races, nationalities, genders, and sexual orientations. It mainly attracts users seeking serious and meaningful romantic relationships. Some people manage to find friends, and others make valuable connections. If you are looking for a great app to fall in love with someone suitable, Bumble is an interesting option. Especially if you like it when a woman makes the first step. Or you are a woman and want to make the first step. 

Is Bumble Anonymous?

So, the truth about Bumble is that it provides a healthy and safe environment for people who want to make meaningful connections. The site enables only registered users to see profiles. So, it offers a certain level of protection. Other users can see your profile, like it, and contact you (if it's a woman contacting a man). In the bank statements, Bumble appears as Bumble. Or bank statements indicate that it was a purchase on a dating website.

How to Delete a Bumble Account?

Most reviews claim users have two options with awesome features. The first option allows you to delete the dating mode and leave the social network part. Go to settings, find the "dating mode," and disable it. The second option allows you to delete an entire account. Go to settings, and choose a corresponding option. 

Does Bumble Moderate User Profiles?

Yes, the support team regularly checks the site's activity. Users can report suspicious profiles so that moderators can take action. For instance, you can report a user with the tag "female" but with photos of a guy. The company takes reasonable actions to provide safety to users. Thanks to such good work, Bumble offers a positive experience to all amazing users of a wonderful Bumble community.