Reputation And History of BBWCupid

BBWCupid is a major adult hookup platform for plus-size individuals seeking meaningful and sexual relationships. Dozens BBWCupid reviews note that this great adult site has hundreds of active and sexy BBW singles, so if you’re seeking local hookups with plus-size women or huge guys, you’ve come to the correct spot. On BBWCupid, you may find a sex partner, speed date, or a life partner in a pleasant and secure atmosphere.

According to multiple reviews, this adult hookup site is a registered brand of Ecom Holdings Pty Ltd and is used with license by Cupid Media Pty Ltd. This hookup app, like the other top 30 adult sites of this organization, provides its customers with a plethora of strong features, the most of which are entirely free, that make it simpler to discover local hookups with fat women.

Among the most often used functions is the search engine, seeing profiles, registration, and so on. Hot BBWs may also register free profiles to date possible sex partners, or they can subscribe to a premium membership to boost their chances of finding genuine matches on this fascinating adult site. This review of will examine all of the features of this premium adult dating service, as well as you will find out the truth about BBWCupid.

What Is BBWCupid?

What is This is a highly rated adult site that was launched in 2005 and is part of the trusted Cupid Media Pty Ltd, which specializes in casual sex dating and has 33 adult sites in over 200 countries and over 55 million users in total. Men and women from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and many other nations make up the membership base. You may make a free profile and join a community of like-minded people seeking friendship, love, and more. The average age of users of this great app is 30-45 years old but you can easily find younger or older beautiful BBW babes

In this review of BBWCupid, it is also worth noting that there is an excellent mobile app that is available for Android devices. You can download this great mobile app on Google Play for free. It is worth noting that this adult hookup app has already been downloaded over 100,000 times, which confirms the fact that BBWCupid is extremely popular among hookup lovers with sexy plus-size girlfriends.

BBWCupid main page

Members of this adult site may make their own search queries using the mobile app by including information such as gender, location, and age, which helps search engines identify real matches faster. This adult sex service also has chat rooms, blogs, and forums where members may communicate on a more personal basis.

Every BBWCupid member may utilize his or her free membership tier to explore member profiles and find potential sex partners in a number of methods. Users of BBWCupid may use advanced search parameters to identify prospective matches based on their personal information, and they can send messages to their potential mates using the site’s email system. Fatty sexy ladies may also use their premium membership tier to communicate with other site users more regularly.

Members of this adult hookup site earn points based on their communication activity, which they can then use to buy additional credits for more frequent chats. Premium Members also get access to the site’s premium features, such as the opportunity to receive one-of-a-kind virtual presents, and so on.

Because of its proven track record as the leading BBW adult hookup site, the BBWCupid dating website efficiently brings together BBW singles from all over the world. Thousands of happy obese men and women have discovered true love on BBWCupid and have shared their stories here. Visit the official web page to read about the countless success stories.

Some Interesting Facts About BBWCupid

  1. Site Name: BBWCupid;
  2. Average Sign-up: under 5 mins;
  3. Paid or Free: the site is partially free, premium features are paid;
  4. Paid Membership Pricing: $8.33 per month;
  5. Unique BBWCupid facts and figures:
  • Founded in 2007, The Company is registered in Gold Coast MC QLD 972, Australia;
  • Part of Cupid Media Pty Ltd.;
  • A good mix of BBW people seeking local hookups and casual encounters.

Pros and Cons of the BBWCupid Dating Site


  • Free registration is available;
  • High-end services;
  • Advanced match profile search algorithms;
  • Cheap prices;
  • Well-though-out platform interface;
  • VIP support;
  • Cheap prices;
  • Selected members;
  • Customer data protection;
  • A lot of advanced communication tools and features.


  • Available only for Android devices, an iOS app is under development.

BBWCupid create account

What Is The Registration Process?

Members must first register a free BBWCupid account in order to join this adult site. Members of free adult hookup sites may use advanced search factors like hair color, ethnicity, age range, and state to find potential mates. They may also search for potential sex hookup matches based on personal information like location, gender, and relationship status. Members on the free site may also read success stories from other users to learn more about other members looking for casual encounters and one-night stands.

Users may construct a profile to highlight their appearance and activities after completing the BBWCupid sign up procedure and creating an account. Furthermore, users may utilize the social networking capabilities on this adult hookup site to advertise themselves and their personal information to potential mates. Users of this adult site may also receive email alerts of new posts and contact with possible sex partners using the site’s message system.

Partner Search on BBWCupid

This adult dating site also claims to make your dating life easier by offering unique options such as the ability to filter matches based on geography and age. When you visit the BBWCupid dating service, you will enter a highly safe atmosphere where everything you input is kept absolutely private. Cupid allows you to create your own “wish list” when you initially sign up. Simply told, it is the location where you will save your top matches. You may also add your favorite real sex hookup matches to your favorites list and get informed when they go online.

How Does BBWCupid Work?

How does BBWCupid work? Most people are drawn to it because it is so simple to use. To separate this app from the well-known Tinder, Badoo, nothing beats swiping left and right on the screen. This technique introduces you to gorgeous females who are online in a more casual situation. This adult hookup service has also been translated into 15 other languages, allowing everyone to understand how it works.

When you BBWCupid log in for the first time, you’ll know which traits are perfect for using the BBWCupid app. You may change the previously selected settings at any time in both the PC version and the great mobile app. If you’re seeking casual encounters and other adult fun, you can include this relationship type in your profile. With this great app, you may find the hottest babes on the net.

When you touch on BBWCupid gorgeous girls, you will see their profile, photo, and information. If you haven’t yet matched, a red and blue square will appear. Even if you have problems, you can always contact the site’s support department at [email protected] or call the phone number shown later in this article.

BBWCupid how it works

Searching Options and Filters at BBWCupid

This adult hookup service offers a sophisticated matching system that takes into account factors such as shared interests and hobbies. This adult hookup service also allows you to search for women depending on your age, region, and even if you’re looking for a local lady. If you don’t have time to look for matches, you may be paired with a random gorgeous female or search for profiles that reflect your personality.

The biggest feature of this adult hookup service is that you may communicate with your matches without leaving a note or email. This also means that you may get to know them a little better and not simply use their photos as profile images.

Membership Price and Features at BBWCupid

Here are the basic prices for a premium BBWCupid subscription.

Membership Duration Costs/Month Total Saving
Gold 1 Month 24.98 USD 24.98 USD
Gold 3 Months 16.66 USD 49.99 USD 33%
Gold 12 Months 8.33 USD 99.98 USD 67%
Platinum 1 Month 20.00 USD 59.99 USD
Platinum 3 Months 23.33 USD 69.98 USD 33%
Platinum 12 Months 10.00 USD 119.98 USD 67%

There are a couple of cool features at BBWCupid that are covered in the membership fee:

  • Verification Through Social Networks;
  • Filters;
  • Chat;
  • Search Engine.

Verification Through Social Networks

Many adult hookup sites and programs, like BBWCupid, use Facebook and Google accounts to quickly signup. Because BBWCupid users want to speak with and meet real hot people, they sign up for the app using Facebook, which is completely free.


Rather than forcing users to search manually, BBWCupid provides free easy criteria such as (location, and age) via which they will select the folks you will view. Using this feature significantly improves candidate selection.

Video Chat

You may include a video of your choice as well as some information about yourself in the video. You may leave a voice message and email your video to friends and family. If you discover someone interesting, you may also enable the auto-send option. This will allow the adult app to automatically send you a message.

Search Engine

The free search engine works well as well. Enter his gender and the largest search radius to find someone nearby, and the computer will automatically scan the region. You may add it to your favorite or friendly list to get alerted whenever it is online.

BBWCupid success stories

Is BBWCupid Safe?

It is worth noting in this review that this is a completely legal adult dating site.The Cupid Media logo and are registered trademarks of Ecom Holdings Pty Ltd and used with permission from Cupid Media Pty Ltd. This adult dating platform has had a successful online dating experience since 2005 and still ranks first among BBWs. As a result, we can conclude that if you are looking for a truly legit and safe adult portal that specializes in BBW hookups, then BBWCupid is definitely number 1 on this list.

Customer Support and Customer Protection

You can contact the support staff at any moment to resolve any concerns with the operation of this adult site. To do so, go to the “Contact” page and scroll down to the “Frequently Asked Questions” section to find the solution to your query. You may also contact the support department by email, which is shown below:

  • Cupid Media Pty Ltd;
  • PO Box 9304;
  • Gold Coast MC QLD 9726;
  • Australia.

In addition, you can contact the company’s office directly at:

  • Level 5;
  • 2502/5 Lawson Street;
  • Southport QLD 4215;
  • Australia.

You also have a great opportunity to call:

  • Australia: (07) 5612 5016;
  • United Kingdom: 0808 164 8675;
  • United States / Canada: 1-844-968-0958;
  • International: +61 7 5612 5016;
  • Fax: +61 7 3103 4000.

It is worth noting that Calls are answered Monday through Friday, between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Queensland, Australia time. Current time in Queensland, Australia 3:40 PM Friday, June 10, 2024. Alternatively, you can email [email protected] to contact the company.

BBWCupid app


Cupid Media Pty Ltd is in charge of the BBWCupid app, which has been up and running since 2005. This is a fantastic site for sex junkies since it brings together a huge community of evil-minded people in one spot. This adult hookup website has a lot more useful information. You will most likely encounter many of the kindest and most open individuals on the internet who like sex and just want to have fun. If you are one of them, you can be assured that your efforts will be recognized.

The BBWCupid site connects those who are interested in finding partners for a great time in the shortest possible time. Due to the large membership base, you will encounter attractive BBW individuals that adore sex hookups and other fetishes. It’s similar to breaking into a specialist field, especially if you’re looking for girls of a different race. If you prefer to have sex on the first date, this is the online dating service for you.

According to many BBWCupid dating site reviews, BBWCupid users can be as curvy or casual as you wish. BBWCupid is the best site for casual encounters with fat sexy chicks. You don’t have to do anything other than register and create a profile. Thanks to the huge community of BBW girlfriends, you can easily find someone to lie down with, in the shortest possible time.


Are There Fake Profiles on BBWCupid?

This dating site is incredibly popular with millions of users around the world, in part because most of the profiles here are real people. In addition, given the reliability of the moderators and the multi-stage registration system, the number of fake profiles is minimal here.

Is BBWCupid Just a Hookup Site?

Yes, the BBWCupid website focuses on local sex hookups. With such a vast membership base, you may develop a variety of connections and potentially find a partner with whom to start a family. However, it should be emphasized that the vast majority of users are benevolent good-natured people, which, as a rule, are all overweight people. Thanks to this, the BBWCupid community is one of the friendliest in the network.

Is BBWCupid Free?

BBWCupid provides a number of important services, most of which are free. Free signup, a search bar, messaging, profile viewing, and other services are available. You may also use our adult resources in private mode on a regular basis, and all free services will be available to you. It is also worth mentioning that you have the option to upgrade your basic membership. This adult hookup site is costly, but it comes with a number of perks, like VIP support, your profile always showing at the top of the search results, and unlimited photo and video gallery browsing, among others. A gold subscription costs $8.33 a month, which is inexpensive when compared to the more complex choices.

Is BBWCupid Safe?

Is legit? This is without a shadow of a doubt. This, like all of Cupid Media Pty Ltd’s adult services, is a legal and secure online resource. This connection platform uses cutting-edge security technology to encrypt customers’ personal data, allowing them to relax while paying a premium membership or engaging in other activities.

Is BBWCupid a Good Dating Site?

Is BBWCupid good? Is BBWCupid legit? Although this adult hookup service was created in 2005, it’s still very popular. Signup is straightforward, communication is active, and all of the elements for a fun activity are in place for attendees. As a result, it assists in the arrangement of genuine sexual encounters, and the platform’s concept is identical to that of other analogous organizations. As a consequence, it’s reasonable to state that BBWCupid is an excellent adult application.