Dating Explorer: Badoo Review Of App

There are multiple options when it comes to online dating. People assure in their reviews – there are even local apps developed by local developers. So, the opportunities are endless. Users may choose serious dating over hooking up or vice versa. But which app to choose? The current review reveals some useful information about the app so you can decide whether this platform is the best in your situation.

What Is Badoo?

On the main page of the site, you can read that owners or developers claim it’s an explorer platform. So, what is The website is a dating explorer platform where any user finds what they want. People in their reviews of the site prove – some users find friends, others meet buddies to visit festivals, but the main reason to create an account is the search for love.

The current review of Badoo also found out about the app of the website. It’s official, and you may download it on your Android or iOS device. The fact about apps on the Play Market and the App Store says a lot – these apps are safe. As you know, if any of these app platforms have doubts, they delete apps. So, there should be no “is legit?” questions; it is legit and legal.

Many users claim in reviews that they have managed to find true love and friendship on the website. But one remarkable thing about the platform – it offers everything. If you are into hooking up with attractive users, Badoo offers aid. If you seek a one-night stand or regular partners for no strings attached relationships – Badoo is here for you too.

Badoo main page

Badoo Usability

As it was mentioned, the reviews claim the site caters to the interests of all people. Whether you seek love, you have a chance to meet someone. If you are into one night stands – several minutes and you see lots of compatible profiles. The reviews are positive, moreover, there are reviews from multiple countries. So, the app is usable in most countries where online dating is a thing. And ask yourself a question, where is online dating a thing? Everywhere!

Is Badoo Worth It?

A lot of people have heard about Badoo, but is Badoo good? The reviews assure it’s great and usable. It has multiple fun options such as swiping games, finding who and what is near you, getting notifications when a match is near, etc. Check out the pros and cons of the amazing website.


  • Multiple fun functions.
  • Profile score option – awesome when working on the visibility of profile.
  • Lookalike search (seeking directly those who you might like).
  • Shows who is visiting your amazing profile.
  • Favorite section.
  • Games and gifts.
  • Several free features.
  • Affordability and discounts.


  • Used mostly by older teens or young adults.

How Does Badoo.Com Work?

One of the most important questions – how does Badoo work? The reviews prove – it works based on the compatibility of users. So, you have an application, you fill it. Then the site offers profiles of people you might like. But since an experienced company owns the website, there are more interesting options to find a match.

Use the familiar and fun options such as a swiping game or the lookalike option. The first one is well-known, swipe right if you like people, and if they swipe you right too – there’s a match! The lookalike is even better, find someone whose appearance you like, and use it as a definition of people who you like. The site will be offering profiles of people resembling the person you like. As you can see, the site is more than advanced. That’s why people like it so much, and it’s so popular among users.

Sign Up

You don’t even need the reviews to figure out that Badoo is very convenient to create an account. New users have multiple options to get started. If you want to create a separate account, not linked to any social network, just spend a few minutes and answer simple questions from the registration form. Just use the Badoo log in page and choose whether you are male or female. Then you see several other questions.

If you want to get started immediately, there is an easy registration process. Depending on the user’s location, it’ll offer some local social networks as per the user’s reviews. For example, every user sees Facebook or Google as an option to sign up. But users from Russia or Korea see other available apps to log in and start using Badoo. The users claim it’s one of the most convenient and easiest sign-up processes.

Badoo create account


In terms of platform safety, the company has implemented sophisticated safety measures to protect the users. So, is Badoo safe? Yes, the platform or the app both are safe. You can find more information about the safety measures they implement on the website. The reviews are also positive that the platform is safe.

People in reviews recommend keeping important information to themselves. A simple example is the insurance number; people should keep them a secret. Revealing the insurance number can also reveal much more information about the user. So, people in reviews claim it’s safe to use the platform, but also they recommend using common sense when revealing private information.

Search & Profile Quality

One of the most amazing things about Badoo dating site is the versatility of search options. You can find people nearby, use specific awesome filters, or use the amazing Lookalike option. Users also love the swiping game since it’s easy to understand how it works, and people are matched based on their preferences related to physical appearance. And physical appearance is important when someone wants to meet attractive people.

Prices & Plans

Amazing news – Badoo is affordable. It regularly offers discounts, and the prices overall are affordable. You may buy a day of using an app to check out the pros or purchase a lifetime subscription for less than 80 dollars!

Help & Support

If you check out the Badoo dating site reviews, you will find some reviews claiming the technical support of the website is pretty standard. There is a quick chat button to use when you have questions, or you may contact the support by phone or email. As for efficiency, the team can solve most issues and answer all questions. So, the team is pretty efficient and organized.


Overall, Badoo is an impressive platform. It has amazing functions to use and have fun – Swiping game, Lookalike option, finding people nearby, sending gifs, working on the rating to be more visible, etc.

It has lots of great options to work on, which makes it like a game – you improve your profile to get better dating options. The reviews of the app are positive, and it’s affordable, so worth a shot to use it and have fun.

Badoo app


Who Is Using Badoo?

If you check out the reviews, you see the diverse audience of the app. It has users from around the world. It might be one of the biggest dating networks out there which connect people with various interests. So, people from multiple countries use the app, and people mention in reviews that it could be used both as a local or international site to meet singles.

What To Expect From Badoo?

Badoo is an amazing social discovery app. On the main page of the site, the owners claim it’s one of the biggest social discovery networks, meaning they have a huge database. It is used everywhere in the world. So you may expect to meet new people from other countries. But if your goal is to meet someone local, it’s also an option.

What Do Users’ Reviews Say About Badoo?

The reviews of the app as well as of the website are mostly positive. If you check out the app on Play Market, it has a 4.0/5 rating, which is great considering it is based on more than 5 million reviews. In the App Store, it has a 4.4/5 rating and over 100.000 reviews. Most reviews on independent sources also have positive reviews of users.

Is There a Badoo App?

A lot of websites offer only desktop versions of the platform, whereas Badoo has official apps. Users are offered to download an app if they use iOS or Android devices, so they can enjoy online dating even when they aren’t home. The app has the same options as the original desktop version; it’s useful and has great reviews.

Is Badoo Paid?

Yes, Badoo is a paid website with certain free features. The truth about Badoo is that you may use it free of charge, but it won’t show who liked your profile and photos; you will have a limit on likes as well, etc. So, to gain the best opportunities, users are offered to upgrade to a premium version.