AngelReturn Dating Site Review

AngelReturn is a dating site that aims to make the process of finding true love easier and more efficient. Launched in 2011, this platform has grown to become one of the most popular international dating sites today. The website offers advantages and drawbacks to its users, which we will explore in detail throughout this review.

Registration Process

The registration process on AngelReturn is quite simple and straightforward. All you need to do is provide basic information such as your name, date of birth, gender, email address, and password. Additionally, you can also choose to upload a profile photo if desired. Once registered, you can start browsing profiles or wait for potential matches to be sent your way.

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Do’s and Don’ts when Using AngelReturn

👍Do’s 👎Don’ts
  • Use a strong, secure password to keep your account safe.
  • Verify the validity of any potential matches before engaging in communication with them.
  • Keep your personal information private and never share your address, phone number, or financial details with anyone.
  • Report suspicious behavior or profiles to Anastasiadate’s customer support team immediately.
  • Don’t send money to anyone on the site.
  • Don’t engage in risky behaviors such as unprotected sex or meeting someone in a private location for the first time without consulting a trusted friend or family member.
  • Don’t give out personally identifying information such as home address or workplace information when communicating online.
  • Don’t respond to unsolicited emails from other users that may contain malicious links or attachments.


AngelReturn offers a range of features that are designed to make online dating easier and more enjoyable for its members. These include:

  • Profile creation: This feature allows users to create their own unique profile with photos and personal information so that potential matches can get to know them better.
  • Advanced search filters: Users can use a range of search filters such as age range, location, interests, hobbies and even language spoken in order to find compatible matches.
  • Matching algorithm: AngelReturn uses an advanced algorithmic system which takes into account various factors such as tastes and preferences in order to match you with suitable candidates who share similar interests or values as you do.
  • Messaging system: A secure messaging system lets users communicate privately with other members they are interested in without having to reveal their contact details or risk being exposed publicly on the platform itself.

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There are several advantages that come with using AngelReturn as an online dating service provider:

  • Easy setup: The registration process is quite simple and does not take much time — making it ideal for people who want quick access without having to spend too much time setting up their profile first.
  • Comprehensive search filters: As mentioned earlier, the website provides detailed search filters which allow users to narrow down potential matches according to their exact needs quickly and effectively — providing both convenience and accuracy when looking for someone special online.
  • Safety measures: While many online platforms compromise security measures for cost savings or convenience purposes, AngelReturn puts safety at the forefront by taking numerous steps such as verifying user identities through email addresses before enabling communication between two parties on its platform — helping keep scammers away while creating a safe environment for interactions between its members at all times.


Unfortunately there are also certain disadvantages associated with using AngelReturn’s services including:

  • Limited features; although the site offers some interesting features such as advanced filtering options or secure messaging systems — other features like video chat have yet been rolled out which may put some users off from using this platform altogether if they desire similar functions found elsewhere (on other dating platforms).
  • Language barriers; while anyone can sign up regardless of what language they speak — English remains the main language used by most members making it difficult for those who do not understand English well enough (or at all) from fully engaging themselves within conversations/interactions on this site successfully since most conversations/interactions take place primarily in English (other languages may be used but rarely).
  • Lack of live support; as previously mentioned there is no direct customer support which can be accessed either at any time nor any indication that it may soon be offered anytime soon making it difficult for any problems faced during usage (especially technical difficulties) from being resolved in an effective fashion leaving some customers feeling helpless once faced with certain issues as they would have nowhere else (except maybe through related forums) where assistance could be acquired quickly & efficiently due lack lack of direct help from staff working at AngelReturn itself (assistance from moderators on forum aside).

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In conclusion, AngelReturn is an ideal option for anyone who wishes to find compatible partners across borders quickly & efficiently thanks largely due its easy setup process together with comprehensive filtering options available – giving users greater control over how & whom they interact regularly with according said earlier regarding this particular subject matter further increasing overall satisfaction levels experienced significantly thus allowing them greater chance success when compared more traditional forms international relations/dating thus far mentioned here (& otherwise). Despite few flaws – namely lack certain features & limited options support – these issues remain minor compared enormous benefits offered by AngelReturn’s services making highly recommended those wanting try out international scene when it comes finding love not only easiest but also most efficient ways possible today!


What is is a dating site that caters to individuals seeking discreet relationships with people outside of their current relationships, either for fun or serious purposes.

Is free to use?

Yes, there is a free version of the site which allows users to browse profiles, send winks, and join chatrooms – however, certain features, such as messaging other members and viewing full profile information, are only available upon subscribing to an upgrade plan that includes these services.

How safe is

Affairdating takes safety measures very seriously and has implemented several security protocols to keep its members safe from potential scams and abuse, including verifying user email addresses and manually reviewing all profiles before allowing them onto the platform itself — making it one of the safest online dating sites available today.